P. Kellach Waddle

Three-time Pulitzer Prize nominated composer P. Kellach Waddle maintains an active career not only as a composer but also as a bassist, conductor and writer. With nearly 600 performances of his music by the end of the '08-09 season, and a list of completed works now approaching 325 in number, Mr. Waddle continues to maintain a career as one of the most performed and prolific composers of his generation. His works have been performed in 38 states and in 15 countries on 4 continents and radio features/interviews with him have been heard on classical radio stations in Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. A performance by Mr. Waddle of his Op. 1 #1, the bass caprice De Salones Espanoles, marked the first hearing of his music on National Public Radio as part of its Music From Roundtop Series in 1993.

After the major debut of Mr. Waddle's music for the bass at the 1986 International Bass Symposium the list of bassists he has written or is writing for reads like a Who's Who of the instrument including Bert Turetsky, David Neubert, Michael Cameron, Jeff Bradetich, Francois Rabbath, Sidney King, Hal Robinson, Jessica Gilliam-Valls, Douglas Balliett and Paul Ellison among others. Mr. Waddle's music was first published in 1991 and while still adding to his own instrument's repertoire (including another 4 entire volumes of music for solo double bass to be released by the tFv of Boston, Mass (, his medium has expanded considerably -- so much so that now Mr. Waddle has joined lauded composers in music history such as Paul Hindemith and Lars-Erik Larsson in that he has now written at least one major solo chamber work, prominent chamber music part, or concerto, for every standard orchestral instrument except for timpani. His list of works also contains many works for nonstandard orchestral instruments such as guitar, organ, euphonium and various percussion instruments as well as series of concertos for "unusual" instruments not usually thought of in a solo context including bassoon, contrabassoon, bass, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone , alto trombone, e flat clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and bass trombone. The premiere of this latter concerto marked Mr. Waddle's NYC conducting debut with its premiere at the Julliard School in February 1999. Mr. Waddle also received widespread TV and radio coverage for composing two pieces performed by Kimberly Schafer on the famed carillon (bell tower) at the University of Texas at Austin in Spring 2007. While Mr. Waddle's output still mainly is in the realm of chamber music, his piece for string orchestra , " The Temperature In The Forlorn Cathedral" was recently premiered in Ontario , Canada marking the first of five orchestral premieres in the next 14 months, including a Symphony based on the music of the Beatles and of U2 that will be premiered by the Austin Pops Orchestra during the 2009/10 season.

Other Austin accolades include Austin radio luminary John Aielli hailing Waddle as an "amazing, incredible virtuoso;" Viola By Choice Director Aurelien Petillot calling him "An Austin legend;" and his 2008 nomination by the Texas Commission on the Arts for "State of Texas Musician of the Year." The Miró Quartet's premiere of his String Quartet #2 was one of the three music events noted in The Top 10 Arts Events in Austin for 2007 by The Austin American-Statesman's Jeanne-Claire VanRyzin ( One of the two remaining music events in that list, the premiere of Graham Reynolds' cantata The Odyssey, featured P. Kellach Waddle on bass. Waddle also fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a "part -time" J.S. Bach being appointed Composer-Artist-in-Residence at Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Austin in Spring 2007.

Beginning with a lauded performance of his tenor saxophone concerto in 1997, Mr. Waddle now maintains a special relationship with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland through his composing concertos for featured members of the Cleveland Orchestra to perform with this acclaimed organization. The first piece in this genre, a double concerto for Horn, Cello and Orchestra composed for Principal Horn Richard King and his wife Julie and premiered in December of 1999 has already received nationwide acclaim through its hearings on NPR the premiere of the second work in this genre, a double concerto for Two Cellos and Orchestra occurred in December of 2001 and garnered Mr. Waddle's first nomination for possible finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Music. In December of 2004 the next piece in this genre for this group for Trumpet, Trombone and Orchestra was premiered to thunderous, ovation-receiving acclaim and the recording of this work garnered his second nomination for possible finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Music for 2006.

Through his composition for such a wide squath of instruments, Mr. Waddle has been featured/mentioned in a number of instrumental society publications including: The International Double Reed Society Journal (notably for solo bassoon, bassoon/cello/horn, oboe and English horn works, The American Horn Society's Horn Call (notably for solo horn works, one of which, As I Drove Through The Central Texas Darkness: Aria For Solo Horn was selected as repertoire for the AHS solo competition), The Trombone Journal (notably for his concertos for Trumpet/Trombone, forthcoming Alto Trombone Concerto, Bass Trombone, among other trombone works), The TUBA Journal (notably for works for Tuba Choir, Tuba & Piano, and Tuba solo) , as well as The Bass Line and Bass World publications by the International Society of Bassists featuring many of Mr. Waddle's bass works. For the sixth year in a row, (with a special recognition in 2007 as being one of the three featured composers of the more than 100 written about as well as a citation on the front cover) an entry devoted to Waddle's career of the past year is featured in the 2009 issue of the SAI Pan Pipes Journal as part of their annual listing of the activities of important American composers. Waddle has also been featured multiple times in the magazine/newsletter MAESTRO published by the Classical Music Society/Division of the Mensa organization. He has also been mentioned in Fanfare magazine where a review of his pieces on a recent CD of famed contrabasoonist Susan Nigro raved "...P. Kellach Waddle's Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Broken Icicle Twilight are (actually) little masterpieces..."

Beginning in 2005 Mr. Waddle has also begun taking chamber music into much more experimental and different venues, while also creating and performing concerts celebrating the connection between music and the other arts. Along with other prominent Austin musicians Mr. Waddle has given concerts in Art Galleries (utilizing his Art History undergraduate studies) where he has given lectures on art works before premiere performances of pieces written about the artworks themselves. While other gallery collaborations are in the works, Mr. Waddle has worked most notably with The Russell Gallery of Austin, Texas ( in projects featuring the works of Rembrandt, Picasso, Chagall, Braque and Cassatt among other artists. Mr. Waddle has also written works about wine for concerts in collaboration with Grapevine Market of Austin, Texas. ( Also now garnering a great deal of acclaim is a series entitled "A Synthesis of Music and Literature" held at Austin's famed Book People. ( Mr. Waddle composes works based on literature for premiere on concerts featuring readings from the works as well as talks on their subject matter by Mr. Waddle himself. This series has featured/will feature in the coming seasons concerts devoted to Banned Books, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Famous Evil Women in Literature, Books centering on the Christmas Season and the works of Kurt Vonnegut. For his major String Quintet #5, a large-scale near 40-minute work indeed based on three novels by Kurt Vonnegut, Waddle received his third nomination as a possible finalist for The Pulitzer Prize in Music in 2009. (This work as well as a plethora of other works of Waddle's can be heard on his main database site of recordings at

Along these lines Mr. Waddle is now the Director PKWproductions (, (publicity, and,) an LLC company incorporated in Spring 2006 specifically designed to create and promote concerts of this type, both through the presentation of the music in "non regular" concert hall venues and exposing both standard and brand new chamber works to an entire new genre of audience. After a successful movie-music production of a showing of the director's cut of Amadeus along with concerts of Mozart chamber music in February 2006, Mr. Waddle's PKWproductions now has launched, in collaboration with the famed Alamo Drafthouse Theatre ( -- noted in Entertainment Weekly in the Fall of 2005 as "The Best Movie Theatre In America"), a series of live concerts with movies which have met with sold-out audiences and wide acclaim. Mr. Waddle also regularly participates in the theater's famed "Dionysium" -- a combination of the arts that often showcases premiere of new solo bass pieces performed by the composer. ( As another crowning achievement in Waddle's constant attempts to put classical music in "nontraditional" settings -- he was the first classical bass soloist to be offered his own set at the famed SXSW festival in Austin in 2008.

Included among Mr. Waddle's other activities devoted to new music are his participation in Austin's only New Music Series of its kind, Audio Inversions. Audio Inversions -- ( launched by lauded composer Anthony Suter ( and his wife, accomplished flutist and conductor Karmen Suter along with Executive Director and head of Scheduling in the Univ. of Texas School of Music Holly Emerson and her husband, noted composer and Professor of Music at Texas A&M University, James Norman -- has featured not only Mr. Waddle performing in works by Gruber and Rzweksi among others, but also premieres of Mr. Waddle's works as well.

Mr. Waddle's music for bass has been performed by himself and others at a number of notable events for the instrument including the 1986 ISB Symposium in Austin, Texas, The 1987 Midwest Bass Symposium in Champaign-Urbana, The 1990 Bass Symposium at NYU, The 1990 Cincinnati Summer Bass School, the 2008 Brazilian Bass Symposium, and the 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003 Texas Bass Symposiums. June 2009 marked the first time that he was one of the few dozen featured solo bassists from around the world to be given an entire solo recital at the 2009 International Society of Bassists Convention at Penn State University. The extensive list of U.S. music schools which have seen concerts of or have scheduled performances of Mr. Waddle's music include Rice University, Juilliard, Eastman, Hartt, Yale, Harvard, Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, The University Of Texas, The University Of Miami, Cincinnati Conservatory, The Harid Conservatory, Victoria College, The University of Akron, University of Louisville, Mannes School of Music, Western Kentucky University, Northwestern University, Pan-American University, The University of Evansville, Del Mar College, Franklin Pierce College, The Cleveland Institute of Music, The University of Iowa, Radford University, The University of Tulsa, Appalachian State University, Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, The University of Northern Colorado, Kent State University, Southern Illinois University, Southern Nazarene University, Southwestern University, Coe College, The University of Texas at San Antonio, University of The Incarnate Word. Friends University, University of Alaska-Anchorage,Wichita State University, Brigham Young University, University of Mary Hardin Baylor, University of North Texas, Northern Oklahoma State University, and The University of Tennessee.

The start of the 2002-3 season saw Mr. Waddle begin his intensive new focus on chamber music performance. As a member of the now-defunct Budjanova ensemble Mr. Waddle performed more of his own works (most notably premiering his solo bass work To Arise in A prayer of Hope on a concert in honor of 9/11) as well as being a soloist in the Austin premiere of Jon Deak's Lucy and The Count: Lovedreams from Transylvania.

A partial listing of Waddle's premiered works/premieres scheduled for the time period beginning in September 2008 throughout Fall 2009 includes: Four pieces on the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Alcohol Soaked Marriages That Should Have Never Happened: Sonata in One Movement for Two Basses after The Beautiful and Damned; The Wrong Grave: Lament for Solo Bass after Tender is The Night; Four Impressions of This Side of Paradise for Three Cellos and Bass and Bittersweet and Desperate Memories of The Seelbach Hotel: Trio for Bass, Cello and Violin -- all to be premiered in Austin, Texas in May 2009; Knowing What Transcends Everything: Suite of Three Nachtstücke for solo bass and Coffee in a Wine Glass: Nocturne for Solo Double Bass in April 2009 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; An October Diptych for Organ was premiered in October, 2008; The Air In Blanche and Jane's House is Filled With Alcoholic Psychotic Regret for Violin and Bass and A Decaying Mansion for Two Basses were premiered at a showing of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in October 2008 in Austin, Texas; Welcome Simone, Now Please Go to Sleep was premiered in September 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil; Your Midnight Blue Lies for Solo Viola was premiered in January 2009 in Austin, Texas; Whiskey, Blessings and The Daylight was premiered in February 2009 in Austin, Texas; Two Pieces for Cello and Bass: The Armagnac Reflected Darkly and A Night That Pours Like Coffee are to be premiered in late Spring 2009 In Austin, Texas; Abandoning The San Antonio Sunrise was premiered in March 2009 in San Antonio, Texas; Sinfonia de Tre Intermezzi for Chamber Orchestra is to be premiered in fall 2009 in Austin Texas; Three Pieces After Kurt Vonnegut: Espionage Whore for Violin and Bass, Cereal Music (after Breakfast of Champions) for Harp and Bass and Romeo and Juliet and All Music is Sacred for Solo Bass were all premiered in Novemeber 2008 at a showing of the film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night in Austin, Texas; The Flowers of Darkness for Solo Violin --The Attack and Reign of The Stained Glass Angels for Violin, Viola and Piano and Staring At The Unremembering Moonlight for Violin and Piano -- all to be premiered in May 2009 in Austin, Texas, Paraphrase- Metamorphosis on Beethoven's Violin Concerto for Solo Bass was premiered in September 2008 in Corpus Christi, Texas; A Vonnegut Quintet was premiered in Austin, Texas in November 2008 (WORK THAT WAS NOMINATED FOR 2008 PULITZER PRIZE IN MUSIC); String Quartet #1, The Brazos Valley Twilight will be premiered in Summer 2009 in College Station, Texas; The Right To Dry; Laundry Scenes: Sonata for Bassoon and Violin will be premiered in fall 2009 in College Station, Texas; Two Thanksgiving Works for Solo Bass -- Meet Me at The Cemetery at The Sunset of Thanksgiving and The Pre-Thanksgiving Church Light were premiered in December 2008 in Austin, Texas; Joanna And Woodrow Meet in Heaven for solo Bass was premiered in January 2009 In Austin, Texas; a setting of Amens for chorus was premiered in Boston, Massachusetts in September 2008, Amens for Baritone and Piano, Veni Redemptor Gentium for Tenor and Piano, -- and Two Marian Antiphons for Two Sopranos, Tenor and Piano are all to be premiered at Hyde Park Methodist Church in the late Spring and Summer 2009; Of Cleaning and from Off The Tree and Dream Visions: For Clarinet, Violin and Piano will be premiered by the Austin Chamber Ensemble in Austin, Texas in May 2009; Three works for Clarinet -- The Roseburg Cemetery for Clarinet Solo, Painting Coffee; Appearing Nightly For Clarinet, Violin and Piano; and Of Shattered England and The Kentucky Fog; Sonata for clarinet and piano -- were all premiered/are to be premiered by Clarinetist Emil Jonason in Stockholm, Sweden throughout the 2008-9 season; Jesus at Different Angles for Solo Contrabassoon will be premiered in late Summer 2009 in
Boston, Massachusetts, Bakery Thoughts: Sonata for Solo Oboe d'amore will be premiered in late fall 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts; Through The Lonely Forgotten Window for Solo Cello will be premiered in Fall 2009 in Austin, Texas; The Anguished Autumn: Prelude in D Minor For Solo Bass was premiered in Corpus Christi, Texas in September 2008.

Reviews of Mr. Waddle's music include his first notable critique from a concert review in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in 1988: "...with this endless flow of lovely melodies along with virtuosic display Mr. Waddle seems to be trying to turn the unwieldy double bass into some sort of Chopin-esque vehicle.... and given his youth he seems to be already well on his way to succeeding." Famed Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Robert Ward said of Mr. Waddle's work in 1996: "[he probably] has written more unaccompanied melody that is idiomatically good than any other 20th century composer by now... "

Mr. Waddle also has a number of academic publications to his credit including papers on Strauss' Salome and The Cello Suites of J.S. Bach. He has been an active pit musician throughout his career having played with nearly four dozen musical theater productions and has himself music directed award-winning productions of Pippin and They're Playing Our Song. Mr. Waddle now also maintains an active career on the other side of the podium. After conducting a lauded performance of his tenor saxophone concerto in 1996 during the South Carolina Conductor/Composer Symposium he was invited to Cleveland to guest conduct the Contemporary Youth Orchestra and served the Associate Conductor of The Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Austin, Texas for the 1997-98 season. In June of 1999 Mr. Waddle was named Music Director/Conductor of The Austin Philharmonic, leaving this position to devote more time to his busy solo and writing careers after 2 1/2 seasons. Mr. Waddle is scheduled to conduct more premieres of his chamber concertos and small choral works throughout the coming three seasons.

On a more personal note, Mr. Waddle continues to quell the notion that classical musicians are dogmatic purveyors of austere personas. A native Kentuckian, Mr. Waddle's speaking voice was noted during a 1988 Houston radio interview as "sounding like some hillbilly who got a jolt of genius-IQ moonshine." Also noted from an article during the same time period was this following anecdote related by Mr. Waddle: "I was chatting with a gentleman outside a church where there was about to be a concert of some of my sacred music. Noting my odd attire (jeans with a tailcoat, a bolo tie and cowboy boots) this nice elderly fellow began telling me how nice it was for people like ME, who obviously was not a classical music fan, not only to be at church at all, but to be at a concert. I merely smiled and pointed out that the composer was very involved in his church from the bio in the program. The man noted that he had heard some of Mr. Waddle's lovely music before, after which I bade him good day and hoped we both enjoyed the concert. ... It was a very big thrill to watch the man's jaw drop when I was introduced at the beginning of the concert AS the composer." Mr. Waddle has been a club musician as a singer and bassist in many blues, pop, soul and country bands throughout his career (including a handful of concerts playing and singing with Grammy-Award winning artists such as B.J. Thomas and Larry Gatlin) and is proud to have amassed more than 60 karaoke contest wins.

Mr. Waddle also enjoys an extensive career in journalism, especially in the field of entertainment journalism. He is renown as an expert in the field of Daytime Drama has consulted on a number of books and articles on Soap Operas and has written articles under his own byline for Soap Opera Magazine and Soap Opera News After a 2-year stint as a weekly columnist writing daytime drama analysis for Soap Opera Weekly's "Critical Condition" which was read by five million people each week, Mr. Waddle entered into the area of Political Writing as a reporter for He also spent three years as an employee of America Online/Nick-At-Nite Online serving as a chat room host and resident trivia expert fielding subscriber's queries about Classic Television. Mr. Waddle served also a pop, soul, classical and country CD critic for the web magazine ACCESSTOTHEMUSICZONE for nearly four years before assuming his current position as a Contributing Editor to and Senior Contributing Editor to (, He has also published more than 1500 other pieces on books and movies (many as a featured reviewer on -- as a freelancer and is also a noted poet with more than 75 small and feature-length publications of poems among his long list of writing credits. He also has in his current writing pipeline a mystery novel, 40 pieces of "micro fiction" -- short stories under 2000 words, a form which is now published in over 5000 online and print magazines, three short-film screenplays, and a opera libretto.

Finally, as another eclectic pursuit added to Mr. Waddle's busy existence, he is now a trained Blackjack (as well as the card games Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow and Three-Card Poker) dealer and Roulette Croupier and has employed by Casino Connections of Austin, Texas since August 2000.


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Music Composed by P. Kellach Waddle

The Unseen Shooting Stars: Double Concerto for Two Cellos and Orchestra (2001).

Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland, Eric Berken , Conductor, Regina Mushabac/Richard Weiss, Cellos

1. Star Fantasies and Passions. / (7.0mb - 9:40)

2. Star Memories (attacca). / (5.3mb - 7:24)

3. The Stars Shining Over Drunken Gypsies. / (7.1mb - 9:52)

All the Different Dark Mornings: Concerto/Symphony for Trumpet, Trombone and Orchestra (2004).

Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland, Liza Grossman, Conductor, Jack Sutte, Trumpet, Steve Witser, Trombone)

Tableau 1. 3:28 AM. The Morning That You Left Me. / (4.4mb - 6:05)

Tableau 2. 4:18 AM. The Morning the Snowfall Tried to Comfort Me, I preferred the Snowstorm. / (4.4mb - 6:10)

Tableau 3. 2:26 AM. My Pain Dances Like the Spilled Scotch in the Firellight and Like the Dead Leaves in the Wind (scherzo). / (4.0mb - 5:31)

Tableau 4. Painful, Sad Recollections of the Mornings (Cadenza); March and Fugue of Despair Over Dreading the Sunrise (attacca). / (6.1mb - 8:28)

Tableau 5. 6:36 AM. Pain and Anger at the Sunrise. / (6.6mb - 9:09)

String Quintet No. 5: A Vonnegut Quintet.

J. Shuffield/P. Davidson, Violins; J. Embach, Viola; H. Moreno, Cello; PK Waddle, Bass.

1. The Bitter, Cold Frosting on a Dead Little Girl's Birthday Cake: Movement After Kurt Vonnegut's Happy Birthday Wanda June. / (14.7mb - 20:20)

2. Morning: Movement After Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. / (15.2mb - 15:52)

1. Lamentation Recitative; Interlude of Ash, Bombs, and Planes; Death Passacaglia: On the Fall of Dresden: Satz After Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. / (18.8mb - 19:33)