Tanya Vegvary Plescia

Tanya Végváry Plescia began studying piano at the age of four under the
tutelage of her father. She started formal lessons at age six. As a young
pianist, while studying with Tom Hulse, Tanya won several awards and
honors including the Festival of New American Music honor, Grayce Kent
Clark Scholarship award, Music Teachers Association of California
Scholarship award, and the Edna S. Sibole Scholarship award. Tanya
continued her studies at the California State University of Sacramento
where she studied with Frank Wasko and Richard Cionco. While at the
University she received a talent based scholarship each semester, was the
winner of the Senior Achievement Award and the winner of the annual
Concerto Competition. Ms. Plescia also received the Pi Kappa Lambda
national honor. She graduated Summa cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Humanities with an emphasis on religious studies, and a second
Bachelors of Music degree in Piano Performance.

Reviews of Ms. Plescia’s performances and compositions have been
fabulous. “…Plescia’s original compositions show a wide range of
influences and a taste for pushing musical boundaries. Her set of
variations (Theme and Variations for Violin and Piano) are everywhere full
of color, and she’s not shy about taking risks and being provocative. It
came across as music that makes you think and feel, and if that isn’t the
point of original music, I don’t know what is.” (Edward Ortiz, Sacramento
Bee) And in another review, “Tanya Plescia received a standing ovation
for her moving performance.” (Steffi Broski, East Sacramento News)
Plescia’s original piece titled “Geary Street” was described as “a musical
trip through rush hour traffic, but punctuated by moments of clarity and
serenity.”(Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee) “Ms. Plescia brings a passion
and fire to the piano literature that would thrill Beethoven. She takes those
little notes on the page and breathes life into them, literally teasing out the
flesh and blood that has gone into each composition, peeling back the
layers of heart and emotion in each work until it is revealed stark and
luminescent. She is fearless and devoted to the work, whether it is her
own brilliant composition (I heard three at her concert), or works of
previous masters.” (Jim Caroompas, Martinez News Gazette)

Tanya continues to compose and perform widely across the United States.
Last season Tanya performed at the Cascade Theatre in Redding, CA, the
Washington Arts Club in Washington D.C., the Festival of New American
Music at California State University Sacramento, Trinity Chamber Concerts
in Berkeley, California, two premier concerts in Portland Oregon at The Old
Church Concert Series and at Old First Concerts in San Francisco. Tanya
has debuted at the Kindred Arts Concert Association, Sherman Clay/
Steinway Hall in Roseville, and the Hemet County Public Library Concert
Series and Master Class, the National Gallery in Washington D.C., Music on
the Divide in Georgetown, the Solano County Concert Association and
Symphony Recital and fundraiser for the symphony, and the Crocker Art
Museum Sunday Concert Series . Ms. Plescia was invited to perform a
special all Liszt program at the Hungarian National Embassy in Washington
D.C., and at the Hungarian Consulate General in Los Angeles, in honor of
the bicentennial anniversary of Liszt’s birth year, and coinciding with the
Hungarian national holiday on March 15, 2011. Ms. Plescia also performed
a solo piano recital at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. in

Tanya’s CD, which contains two of her original piano compositions, L’éclair,
and Geary Street, in addition to a program of works by Beethoven, Chopin,
Faure, and Liszt, has been featured on local classical radio KXPR, as well as
on radio stations across the US and in Germany. Her CD was featured as
the “Classics over Coffee” program on KZGM radio in Missouri. Her single,
“Iolanda”, has been released as a digital single, and is available on Itunes,
Amazon, Napster, and all major digital music distribution outlets.
Plescia’s CD is available for purchase online at CDBaby.

Tanya Plescia is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California
and has taught piano lessons for many years. Tanya is the founder and
owner of the Sacramento Piano Conservatory School of Music located at
3500 Power Inn Road in Sacramento. The school prides itself on offering
the highest level of musical instruction and performance opportunities to
students young and old, on most every instrument. Tanya’s students have
participated and placed highly in competition and recital.

If you are interested in piano lessons, visit
Sacramento Piano Conservatory

For comments or information on concert bookings, please contact Tanya at:


Upcoming Concerts

Portland, Oregon, October 7, 2015, Wednesday at 12:00 noon, The Old Church.

Past Concerts

Sacramento, CA, Two dates only — Wednesday October 29th and Saturday November 1st, 2014, 7:30 PM, American River College. Ms. Vegvary will play the Prokoviev 1st Piano Concerto with the ARC Orchestra, on a program of other symphonic Russian masterpieces. Tickets available for purchase at or from ARC directly.

Washington, DC, October 28, 2012, Sunday at 6:30 PM, National Gallery of Art.

Washington, DC, October 26, 2012. The Arts Club of Washington, Friday Noon Concert Series - Season Opening Concert honoring President James Monroes home and the music that was played there.

Sacramento, CA, October 21, 2012, Sunday at 7:00 PM. Governor's Mansion State Historical Park. Buy tickets and/or make donations online at Your ticket and donation benefits the Sacramento Piano Conservatory Scholarship Fund and the Governor's Mansion State Historic Park.

Redding, CA, March 3, 2012, Saturday at 7:30 PM, Cascade Theatre.

Lincoln, CA, September 29, 2010, Wednesday at 7:00, Sun City Lincoln Hills.

Roseville, CA, August 29, 2010, Sunday at 2:00, Sherman Clay Steinway Hall.

Sacramento, CA, August 28, 2011, Sunday, Crocker Art Museum.

Washington D.C, March 16, 2011, Wednesday at 7:00, Hungarian Embassy

Georgetown, CA, April 17, 2011, Sunday at 3:00, Music on the Divide.

Sacramento, CA, April 8, 2011, Friday at 3:00, California State University, Sacramento -- Renaissance Society Forum Concert and Lecture

Redding, CA, March 12, 2011, Saturday at 7:00 PM, Cascade Theatre

Sacramento, CA, January 27, 2010 at noon, Music at Noon at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 1300 N Street. This is a free concert with guest soprano Melissa Stevens

Lincoln, CA, September 29, 2010, Wednesday at 7:00, Sun City Lincoln Hills.

Roseville, CA, August 29, 2010, Sunday at 2:00, Sherman Clay Steinway Hall.

Manteca, CA October 4, 2009, Sunday at 3:00 at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 410 North Street, Manteca, CA 95337-6824 (corner of Powers and North Streets) Kindred Arts Concert Association Season Premier Concert

Hemet County, CA October 10, 2009, Saturday at 2:00. Hemet County Concert Association, Public Library Artist Series. Afternoon concert and morning master class.

San Francisco, CA August 23, 2009, Sunday at 4:00. Old First Concerts.

Sacramento, CA May 8, 2009, Friday at 1:30. Renaissance Society of Sacramento, CSUS Capistrano Hall.

Berkeley, CA February 7, 2009 8:00 P.M. Trinity Chamber Concerts, Berkeley, CA.

Portland, Oregon January 21, 2009. The Old Church, Wednesday’s at Noon Concert Series.

Sandy, Oregon January 20, 2009, Avamere at Sandy -- Benefit Performance. 17727 Langensand Drive, Sandy, Oregon 97055.

Lincoln, CA December 1, 2008. 4:30 P.M. Sun City Lincoln Hills Concert, Orchard Creek Ballroom.

Sacramento, CA November 13, 2008. Festival of New American Music – CSU Sacramento.

Washington DC October 17, 2008. The Arts Club of Washington, Friday Noon Concert Series.

Washington DC October 16, 2008. The Arts Club of Washington, private member’s concert.

Sacramento, CA July 30, 2008. Wednesday at Noon. Westminster Presbyterian Church Music at Noon Concert Series.

Sacramento, CA July 19, 2008. Solo Concert at St. John’s Lutheran Church – World Premier of Ms. Plescia’s piano solo "Ballade for Souls."

Sacramento, CA July 4, 2008. Eskaton Monroe Lodge Presents, solo concert.

Pasadena, CA July 25, 2007. Pasadena Presbyterian Church, Music at Noon Concert Series – solo recital.

Tanya's performances are available on CD. Included are works by Beethoven, Chopin, Faure, Liszt, and two original compositions by Tanya. For ordering information, contact Tanya by email, or order from CDBaby:

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To view a larger image of the CD cover, see Tanya's Photo Gallery.

Music Performed by Tanya Vegvary Plescia

Nocturne in B Major, Opus 33, No.2 by Gabriel Faure. / (9.5mb - 6:56)

Geary Street by Tanya Vegvary Plescia. / (4.1mb - 3:00)


Prokoviev 1st Piano Concerto, 3rd movement with ARC Orchestra Dr. Steven Thompson, conductor. Tanya Vegvary, piano. Encore: Geary Street composed and performed by Tanya Vegvary

Tanya Vegvary Plescia performs works by Mozart, Hewitt... excerpts from full length performances. Steinway Hall, Roseville, CA

Tanya Vegvary Plescia in concert, Cascade Theatre, Redding California, 2011. Video excerpts from full-length performances of Au 'bord d'une Source and Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 by Franz Liszt.

Interview with Tanya Vegvary Plescia, concert pianist and composer, founder of the Sacramento Piano Conservatory, expert in music psychology and group music classes.

Lullaby for Elijah
I wrote this piece for my son Elijah. It is about how when he was young we were together. Then we are not together. And in the end we are together again. It expresses my undying love for him.